The Commercialization of Goth Part II: Social Media and Baby Bats

Let’s have a chat about flawless makeup. Our young batlings are flocking to Instagram and eating up every piece of dark material they see. To contrast and compare (just a bit), it used to be that goth makeup was off-putting. The purpose was indeed to scare or provoke some type of reaction. We are now flooded with online celebrities who have perfected their aesthetic game. Right down from seamless symmetry to deliberate asymmetry, they have made it so that “goth looks good”. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. However, alongside makeup often comes palette promotion, expensive brand clothing and the usual outward projection of a perfect spooky lifestyle.

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10 Gothy Things to do Today

Hey Fab Bats! Been a while hasn’t it? Summer’s creeping up real fast and the heat is rising from the grave. It can be a bit hard for those of you Bats decked out in black, but cheer up (or gloom a little less), because there is still plenty to do in this weary weather! Outside or inside, introvert or extrovert, here is a list I whipped up like cream for your daily goth needs:

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What’s up with Dana?

Hey Fab Bats! It’s been a busy time of year so bear with me. Shouting this out real quick: if you want regular updates about my cartoon life, I’m always active on Twitter and Facebook.

Here is a quick rundown of what is scheduled to be posted:

  • Part II of the commercialization of goth series
  • A look into race and a radical Japanese subculture from the early 2000s
  • More on getting into gothic music!
  • Comics, coffee and bat-shaped cookies

I will see all of you wonderful batlings (and grown ghouls of course) very soon this month!

Stay spooky,