Black Goth Appreciation Day 2019

Happy Black Goth Appreciation Day!

Let’s begin with a huge thank you to those who contributed their thoughts, favorites and selfies for this article. This day is a celebration of the entire black goth/alternative spectrum, including individuals who are perceived by society as going against their “cultural norm” in some way or other. Black Goth Appreciation Day was creating by Dining with Dana in 2017 under “Black Goths Are More Visible” to celebrate the increased acceptance of nuanced imagery of black identity by those outside of alternative subcultures. It is a way of honoring those who went through (or continue to go through) challenges in asserting themselves amongst a world where outsiders view goth as purely white. The aim is to appreciate our ability to share alternative black voices, looks and build communities across borders within minutes by using these very resources today. With every year, black goth visibility increases, and we must remember that each one of us plays a part in advocating for the normalization of our image. However you choose to honor your fellow bats in black, make sure to have lots of fun!

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Join the Fab Bat Colony, Dana’s Facebook Group!

Hey Fab Bats! Today I am happy to introduce the new Facebook group made for you to connect with each other. This is the first centralized space for Dining with Dana readers. After the blog’s Tumblr days, readers seemed to be coming in from various directions. Make friends with fellow Fab Bats in the comfort of this cozy home. As usual, I have prepared tea and bat-shaped cookies. Check it out here.

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The Mysterious Black Girl’s guide to feeling beautiful

For my Fab Bats who prefer night over day, befriend the monster under the bed and in the dark look like mysterious figures gliding in the shadows, make yourself at home and have a cup of tea. Sometimes you might feel depleted and discouraged when the world tries to strip you of your magic. If you doubt your powers or feel rejected by all, follow these steps every day: Continue reading “The Mysterious Black Girl’s guide to feeling beautiful”