Sweet Summer Styles That Cover Scars

Hey Fab Bats! The weather’s warming up and we’re swapping velvet for fishnets. If it’s already blazing on your side of the globe then you know the struggle. Do you have scars you are uncomfortable showing? Now that’s an even stronger hustle. Whatever their origin (accident, mental or physical illness…) and no matter the reason you wish to conceal them (to preserve confidence, shield from the sun, avoid unwelcome questions…), here are some elegant ideas for protecting your skin…

Arms & Upper Body

Sleeves are easy to make and slip on before going out. There are also many available for purchase. I like to highlight handmade items, so here are a few from Etsy:

Zen and Coffee sells elegant “arm warmers & fingerless gloves 4 all seasons and styles”. Adorned with lace, print or ribbon, these give outfits a graceful vibe. As the arm warmers might attract attention, it will most likely be due to their detail rather than your wearing them in the summertime.

Simple, lightweight fingerless fishnet gloves by Velveteen Black work well for more mature scars due to their near transparency. ‘Formal wear’ creators like Anita Hilton Weddings or Queen Sugar Bee offer beautiful arm sleeves, cuffs and shrugs.

Make Your Own Arm Sleeves

Cut a pair of tights, fishnets or shirt sleeves to cover your arm. For more intricate designs, make them completely from scratch. Choose interesting fabrics and add-ons. Some lil’ tidbits you can use to decorate your sleeves:

  • Lace
  • Buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Satin
  • Studs, spikes, screws, bolts…
  • Patches – embroidered, printed or painted

Easy DIY cardigans, boleros and light tops

There are many Youtube tutorials on how to make your own tops. Experiment with colors. For a good ghostly look, white is pretty haunting. Go for an eggshell tone to get an aged effect.

Scathingly Brilliant

Take a glance at these four style No-Sew Kimono Cover Ups. They’re quick, easy and do-able with any scarf or fabric. Bubble Gum Hijab’s video shows one in action.

Favor cotton and other breathable materials over heavy textiles like velvet or leather.

Legs & Lower Body


Shayla and Julia

Spruce up tights

The Custom Creepy Eight-Legged Leggings tutorial on Dining with Dana can be used on tights. You can also check out 21 Ways to Amp Up Your Tights for ideas. Video-wise Yumi King has several cute DIY tights tutorials:


  • Sock Dreams –  for my Fat Bats, they have a decent plus-size selection according to reviews. They’re on the pricey side, but I’ve seen many put in a good word for them. Plus, their prints are especially original! Those of you on the spooky side will enjoy the striped ones.
  • Absolute Socks – an extensive selection. Also offer colorful tights.
  • Party City – a rather large selection of socks, tights and leggings. For US Based Bats, there are several Party City locations. Let us know your opinions quality wise.
  • Spreepicky – a small, but cute selection. Some cheaper ones include the Teddy Bear Printed tights and the Bling Bling Diamond Gems printed tights. Because most of them are unreasonably priced, consider looking at the DIY tutorials above.
  • Sandysshop – beautiful lace socks, plus printed leggings and tights (currently under construction).
  • Living Royal – pizza, skulls, landscapes…has just about every print and takes custom orders!
  • Bodyline – a large selection in the lolita category would blend quite well with any outfit.

Bathing Suits and Beachwear

Hiding scars with bathing suits can be considered somewhat of an art. Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Wear a one-piece bathing suit with thin leggings over top or underneath
  • Visit sports stores like Decathlon or Go Sport (for those France based) which offer full body swimsuits as well as other types of body-covering swimwear. Large supermarkets such as Auchan and Carrefour have a sports section.
  • Try compression sleeves! Also available at sports stores, these are designed to be heat resistant. You can find some for arms as well as calves and thighs.
  • Specialty uniform stores sell arm sleeves for nurses.

Be careful when going for sports gear. Employees are there to help, so ask questions and don’t forget to try anything on to see if it fits.

Hopefully this brief post helped spark some ideas. Most importantly, care for yourself and always take time to heal.

What do you think? Any tips or thoughts? Let’s help some Fab Bats out by expanding this resource! 

Photos: Stephanie (Mari)MalliAlyssa

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