Halloween in Summer: Ghastly Garden Party

Hey Fab Bats! No matter where you are situated on the globe and what the weather is, I have a plan devised for you. First, get ahold of any plot of land you can legally obtain – be it your own backyard or a friend’s front lawn – then, kidnap your squad and get to work. With a Halloween twist, use the occasion to celebrate the afterlife and possibly terrify your neighbors. Here are some ideas straight out of the crematorium…

You’ll need to gather your sinister squad around for some chips and dip (along with petulant plots and drinks) to keep your motivation up. There’s no one other than the Homicidal Homemaker that could make us some great horror recipes…



Cold Sweets

Now that you’ve started snacking, it’s time to get to work:


You can either buy a large variety of skeleton bones off of Amazon or make your own. Bury them in random parts of your garden so that guests will be happy to find the remnants of your foes.


For potted plants, try this DIY skull planter or a centerpiece.


Growing herbs? Get ahold of these on Etsy. If you’d rather DIY them, use as inspo.

If you are considering a Venus fly trap, here’s a website all about the plant’s care. For flowers, here’s how to grow roses.

If you’re not into actual plants or just want to put a spin on things, take a look at these eyeball roses.


If you have a porch or a special space in your yard that you can dedicate fun things to, pluck some of these fear friendly decorations:

  • A life-size skeleton hanging out on the porch
  • Painted flower pots. Instead of flowers, stick large nails (available at any home improvement store) inside. Or, use some of those bones for a chilling-but-comfy effect.
  • Create some made up signposts
  • Scatter some of your skeleton head planters by the porch
  • Use sheer drapes of any color and hang them over the porch roof or above the doors and windows for an ethereal feel
  • Put those fake Halloween cobwebs to use (that we all know you’ve been stashing since last October) for the windows, door, and porch banisters
  • Fill the space with candles. Steal Pinhead‘s look by sticking small nails into each candle. Light them all up at night and enjoy the cool air with your skeleton
  • Paint the porch rails black or alternate between black and white
  • Adopt some gourds while awaiting Jack-O-Lantern season

To top it all off, invest in an inflatable pool and let go while savoring your sangrias.

Further ideas? How do you decorate your garden? Shout!

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