If you cannot find the answer to your question here, simply send your Q to fatbatdana@gmail.com!

Q: What exactly do you blog about?

A: Alternative subculture through word, sound, taste and feel. I aim to represent the underrepresented.

Q: Are you real? As in a human being of flesh and bone?

A: I am a “dill”! You’ll find other characters like me here.

Q: I saw your POCs in goth/punk/alt music band list! Is there an updated version?

A: Right here.

Q: When will you be taking more submissions for the POC band list?

A: Submissions are closed at the moment.

Q: Do you have any tips for goths of color?

A: I made a list of resources here. You can also visit the links page under “goths and alternative folk of color” for more.

Q: Any tips for Babybats?

A: Here is a full band list to get you started.

Q: Why do you call yourself a “Fat Bat”?

A: I answered that here.

Q: I saw your fitness tutorial comics. Where can I find more?

A: On my fit blog, Fit Bat Workouts!

Q: Why is Dean always angry?

A: He’s not mad, he’s just drawn that way.

Q: Why does your Dad look weird, but you appear “normal”, so to speak?

A: His genetic mutation took place after my birth, but I would have totally been okay with two extra arms and antennae.

Q: I want to know more about the characters in your world.

A: That’s not a question, cheater. You can learn about each one here!

Q: Can I submit fanart of you?

A: Yes! I LOVE fanart. You can submit it here.

Q: Will you ever go on a diet or try to lose weight?

A: I am comfortable in my bod, but am always aiming to maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise. Visit this page or my fit blog for health tips and my journey towards the evolution of mind, body and spirit.

Q: Can I ask for advice or send you a message?

A: Sure! You can mail fatbatdana@gmail.com or message me here.

Q: I have a movie/book/blog I want you to look at. Can I send you a link?

A: Mos def. Contact the above e-mail.

Q: Can I help keep this blog running?

A: Yes! You can donate 1$ (or more) to my Patreon or through Paypal at calynpickensrich@gmail.com.

Q: Where else can I find you?

A: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!