Where do I get real news?

Hey Fab Bats! We’re all aware as to why getting your news solely from social media is on the if-side. But, in the end of the day it’s really about fact checking. I like to do a bit of grave digging around the web before writing. Here are some of the sources I use…

Keep in mind these are personal and none are taken completely at face value. If you’re interested, check them all out and compare:

When my 10 articles a month aren’t yet used up (really?) I’ll once in a while check in on what’s new. They’re usually clear, simple to follow and have some interesting articles in the Opinion section. Also, there’s something about that limited choice that gives you focus.


Also publishes a casual-read magazine. I usually pick that up before the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post or other variety of blackletter and serif font paper. Though The New York Times has particularly good clarity of content – with a less awkward online format – for myself, Le Monde doesn’t feel as oversimplified.

Ah yes, I mean this one. At least here there’s no worry about bias. You can pick and choose various articles on the same subject. Compare. Make charts. Draw graphs. Be free. It’s one of the most useful resources when putting together a quick piece of work. Thanks Krishna Bharat.

Now see, these are essays. I like that. Activists, theorists and critical thinkers come together to share a piece of their perspective. Even if you don’t lean towards their political side, it’s worth giving a read. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking for critical thought over dry facts. They describe themselves as “an independent journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy.” Sometimes I’ll read this during breakfast. I think it fuels my oatmeal or something.

Finally, when it’s real early in the morning and the metro has apparently frozen between time and space:

Do you read? As in, the capital-N-ews? Add your own sources in the comments!

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