Black Goth Appreciation Day 2019

Happy Black Goth Appreciation Day!

Let’s begin with a huge thank you to those who contributed their thoughts, favorites and selfies for this article. This day is a celebration of the entire black goth/alternative spectrum, including individuals who are perceived by society as going against their “cultural norm” in some way or other. Black Goth Appreciation Day was creating by Dining with Dana in 2017 under “Black Goths Are More Visible” to celebrate the increased acceptance of nuanced imagery of black identity by those outside of alternative subcultures. It is a way of honoring those who went through (or continue to go through) challenges in asserting themselves amongst a world where outsiders view goth as purely white. The aim is to appreciate our ability to share alternative black voices, looks and build communities across borders within minutes by using these very resources today. With every year, black goth visibility increases, and we must remember that each one of us plays a part in advocating for the normalization of our image. However you choose to honor your fellow bats in black, make sure to have lots of fun!

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The Commercialization of Goth Part II: Social Media and Baby Bats

Let’s have a chat about flawless makeup. Our young batlings are flocking to Instagram and eating up every piece of dark material they see. To contrast and compare (just a bit), it used to be that goth makeup was off-putting. The purpose was indeed to scare or provoke some type of reaction. We are now flooded with online celebrities who have perfected their aesthetic game. Right down from seamless symmetry to deliberate asymmetry, they have made it so that “goth looks good”. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. However, alongside makeup often comes palette promotion, expensive brand clothing and the usual outward projection of a perfect spooky lifestyle.

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