7 Instagrams for Banshee Body Empowerment

Hey Fab Bats! Been grammin’ on the Insta and, as every glance goes, was bombarded by the many fitness gurus promoting “healthy living”. These users usually don politically correct curves, live off glorious platters of raw rainbow veggies and preach semi-permanent positivity.

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Banshee Body Empowerment

Hey Fab Bats!

As heat rises and we begin to shed our layers, a coat of armor dismantles to reveal our physical selves. Now before you go out and dismember your friend, remember you don’t have to exchange limbs with an Instamodel. I’m sure many of you are bikini body ready as it is, what with having bodies and all. Forgo the celery fast for a nice BBQ rib (again, don’t dismember a friend) and a side order of Caesar salad. However, here is not a human being on this ball of earth and water that does not at least once get worried about their body. You may have the urge to perch yourself high upon that weeping willow and claim that it is not true, but even in this bird-like state, you must give into the feels. Continue reading “Banshee Body Empowerment”