Black Goth Men are Dispelling Myths of Hypermasculinity

Over the years, representation of black goths has gotten better and better. The previous post, Black Goths Are More Visible, featured inspirational quotes, beautiful portraits and useful advice from members of the subculture. However, there was something unsettling. It was significantly more difficult to find images of black men than it was women.

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Is Pale Gothic Foundation on Dark Skin a sign of Insecurity?

Hey Fab Bats! As a character with dark skin (E39 leather Copic marker to be exact), the concept of pale skin as the gothic beauty ideal has crossed my mind several times. Today, I’d to take a moment to explore it with you. Does pale foundation mean one is ashamed of their skin color? Is this a problem we should address? Sit down, pass around the tea and discuss.

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Rococoa and the Frivolous Fro

Let’s take a look at the fro. Hair – or lack thereof – tells a story. Mostly, a story about ourselves. It serves as an indicator of our personality, social class and even sense of purpose. Now the fro. It is malleable, pliable, moldable. It appears in a variety of forms and textures which you can add or subtract to take on a new form. So why suppress it?

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Blerdcon and Inclusivity in Geek Culture: Talk with Hilton George

One of the most intriguing subcultural (r)evolutions lies in the rise of the Blerd. Over the course of the past several years, interest in geek culture has blown up, creating a space for more representation within border-breaking genres. At some pin on the timeline, the Blerd – a.k.a. Black Nerd – was birthed.

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Dana does “The Alternative Black Girl Tag”

Hey Fab Bats! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do the Alternative Black Girl Tag. This is a bit of insight into my cartoon being, but mostly a chance to hear if my experience resonates with you. Grab onto those thoughts and get ready to voice…

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