Blerdcon and Inclusivity in Geek Culture: Talk with Hilton George

One of the most intriguing subcultural (r)evolutions lies in the rise of the Blerd. Over the course of the past several years, interest in geek culture has blown up, creating a space for more representation within border-breaking genres. At some pin on the timeline, the Blerd – a.k.a. Black Nerd – was birthed.

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Dana does “The Alternative Black Girl Tag”

Hey Fab Bats! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do the Alternative Black Girl Tag. This is a bit of insight into my cartoon being, but mostly a chance to hear if my experience resonates with you. Grab onto those thoughts and get ready to voice…

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Cultural Appropriation in Alternative Subculture: Does it Matter?

Oppression. Discrimination. Various isms. With our expanding online population and large access to information, the social justice dictionary has become an open bar. In thoughtful conversation, this helps to better understand modern society and promote activism. But, sometimes words are just blankly misused. Among these terms is a House Special: Cultural Appropriation. Continue reading “Cultural Appropriation in Alternative Subculture: Does it Matter?”

Resources for Goths of Color

Hey Fab Bats!

Back in January I compiled some links for Goths of color and was surprised by your enthusiastic reactions. As today marks World Goth Day, let’s spin some O. Children, spike up our jackets and help a few fellow Bats! Just to reiterate: Dining with Dana is for all backgrounds – including you green folks from Leprechaun 2. If you’re in need of representation or simply seek community support, these haunts are sealed and approved:

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