Gyaru, Ganguro and the Western Gaze

Kinsella believes the root of ganguro-loathing exists in the racist underpinnings of Japanese society. She writes:

Commentary about the race, tribe, and skin color of girls, was sometimes entwined with a derogatory and pseudo-Darwinian commentary about dark-skinned girls, which implied that they were a kind of species or animal. Classified as dark-skinned primitives and animals, girls daring to wear black face and witch outfits sometimes became subject to a racist assault on their humanity.

While this may certainly have played a part in setting the parameters of the discussion, the girls deserve much more credit for having intentionally engineered the ganguro look to frighten off anyone not in gyaru circles. They may have unconsciously tapped into long-standing racial and skin color prejudices to settle on a darker skin, but their goal was extremity rather than racial reference itself.

David Marx, Néojaponisme

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Racism in the Goth Subculture: Response to an Elder Goth

Hey Fab Bats! Today I wanted to delve into a bit of the nit-grits of the goth subculture. Racism, whether within or outside of the scene will always be an issue. But, there are ways to minimize it. An elder goth on Youtube going by Gothic Soulflower addressed the problem. I would like to add in my two cents from the perspective of a younger (albeit fictional character) point of view as well as offer detailed advice for other members of the scene. All ethnicities, races, and backgrounds are welcome to the discussion!

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The Commercialization of Goth Part II: Social Media and Baby Bats

Let’s have a chat about flawless makeup. Our young batlings are flocking to Instagram and eating up every piece of dark material they see. To contrast and compare (just a bit), it used to be that goth makeup was off-putting. The purpose was indeed to scare or provoke some type of reaction. We are now flooded with online celebrities who have perfected their aesthetic game. Right down from seamless symmetry to deliberate asymmetry, they have made it so that “goth looks good”. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. However, alongside makeup often comes palette promotion, expensive brand clothing and the usual outward projection of a perfect spooky lifestyle.

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The Commercialization of Goth Part I: Hauls and Materialism

There has been a debate going around the web surrounding the commercialization of goth. I would like to briefly address this idea within the context of lower-class participants in the subculture who feel goth has become an unaffordable lifestyle due to its supposedly expensive aesthetic. Since we each do our part to keep the scene inclusive, I hope the questions posed and topics addressed in this three-part series will launch constructive discourse.

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