Budget Bat: Dressing Goth when you can’t afford clothes

Hey Fab Bats! There are many videos on Youtube and blogs with tips on dressing goth for under 25 or 30 bucks. But some of you rabid readers, though you may have access to the internet, cannot afford to even buy the cheapest of gloomy garments. So here are some brief ideas:

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Sweet Summer Styles That Cover Scars

Hey Fab Bats! The weather’s warming up and we’re swapping velvet for fishnets. If it’s already blazing on your side of the globe then you know the struggle. Do you have scars you are uncomfortable showing? Now that’s an even stronger hustle. Whatever their origin (accident, mental or physical illness…) and no matter the reason you wish to conceal them (to preserve confidence, shield from the sun, avoid unwelcome questions…), here are some elegant ideas for protecting your skin…

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Top 7 Creepy Christmas Makeup Tutorials

Hey Fab Bats! How you doing? Me, personally, I’m feeling a little on the grinchy side. You know, what with the state of the world. To counteract that, I’ve been looking at some pretty light content before getting back to the heavy stuff (so heavy it makes all the dead bodies I’ve hauled light as feathers in comparison). Lets take a break from the System n’ Stuff and countdown these top master face painters:

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