Goths that Cook: delicious batty recipes!

Happy Frivolous Friday! Winter just makes me hungry all the time. Primarily for sweets… Guess that’s why I’m just sitting happily on a giant cupcake? Oh the joys of being a cartoon character. Lucky for you Fab Bats, getting in on spooky recipes is easy. I baked up a batch of goths cooking goth recipes especially for you…

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Pass-the-Gravy Eats and Post-Halloween Celebrations

Hey Fab Bats! That time of year is rolling in… Yes, tomorrow is Halloween, but I’m talking comfort food. Now, while most of you enjoy this very specific date, my favorite moment when stars align is during the upcoming month of November. Pumpkin spice is set to the side to make way for cinnamon, a wonderful toasty taste. The best, however, is not this new flavor, but that brief step into the Twilight Zone as the two seasons collide…

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Sweet Molasses Cornbread (vegan unsafe)

Hey Fab Bats! This morning my six limbed mad scientist dad made me go through Cackling and Cape Swooshing Practice. Bruhahahahaha! Plus, I’ve got organ lessons tonight. Pff, fathers, always coaxing you towards the dark side. All in all, this has left me very hungry, so I thought I’d share this neat cornbread recipe with you… Continue reading “Sweet Molasses Cornbread (vegan unsafe)”

Hot Apple Cider (vegan safe)

While listening to your amazang suggestions for the POC music masterpost, I decided -after finding that my toes had simply frozen, given up and migrated down south- to stir up a warm drink. Faster than the plot of a Doomsday film, this deliciousness was cooked up! The recipe uses apple cider vinegar, which has many health benefits such as helping to control your blood sugar, promote better digestion and was traditionally used to cure the flu. And, it’s freakin tasty.

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