Bug Bat: Interview with Aeon Fux, Serpentine Sound Master

You know what the world needs? A good taking over. If I had to trust someone to do the job right, it would be Aeon Fux. I was pulled in to discovering this being of another planet – who also goes by the name Elytra – through the otherworldly groundedness of her work. Keeping with the now in word, they detach from the present in theme and sound. Listening to their tracks feels like entering another dimension of extraterrestrial insects talking about Earth while sipping Long Island Ice Teas on a hot summer day. With a fascination for herpetology and entomology, Aeon Fux builds a safe space for the strange in sight and mind. All here for that! I ran up to this beautiful bug of a Bat to catch some wise words: Continue reading “Bug Bat: Interview with Aeon Fux, Serpentine Sound Master”

Bat in Black: Interview with Vikko, Ossuary Artist

The other day I was casually waltzing around the wonderful world of the interwebs when this comic caught my attention. The characters take on three dimensional form with expressions and emotions extending beyond their lack of facial skin. As the shades they share are monochrome, the focus is not the surface, but the mind. Mostly, the story carries a message without feeling like a Saturday morning special. Turns out the artist behind these skullheads is Vikko, a flesh and bone being posting from Argentina under kurovoid. You can get a full look at their comics here. I caught up with them to try and get inside the cranium that created these characters:

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Bat in the Hat: Interview with Toywave Expert Jasmine

Jasmine, also known as nursery, can be seen strolling along web paths in search of the nearest cyber sandbox, traveling through kaleidoscopic childhood dreams and, on a good day, playing in the pit of a PEZ dispenser. Taking circa 1990-esque nostalgia to another level, she eats, sleeps and survives off of Play-Doh, crayons, balloon pools, propeller hats and primary colors through a personal aesthetic baptized Toywave. Let’s launch ourselves back to the past and take a trip into Jasmine’s Crayola-colored mind:

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Bold Bat Speaks Through Style: Interview with Alyssa Thralls

Seen this Bat Babe around? You may know this wicked witch of the web from this viral post, her mad music taste or sick style sense. An online body positive activist, who also goes by Alyssa Panda Eyes, she shouts her opinion through shades of matching blacks, various blues and obscure ornaments. I caught up with our favorite sorceress who laid out her plans to take over the media in Dining with Dana’s first ever interview: Continue reading “Bold Bat Speaks Through Style: Interview with Alyssa Thralls”