Top 7 Creepy Christmas Makeup Tutorials

Hey Fab Bats! How you doing? Me, personally, I’m feeling a little on the grinchy side. You know, what with the state of the world. To counteract that, I’ve been looking at some pretty light content before getting back to the heavy stuff (so heavy it makes all the dead bodies I’ve hauled light as feathers in comparison). Lets take a break from the System n’ Stuff and countdown these top master face painters:

1. Princess Mei’s Gothic Lolita Doll

I thought of this one right off the bat. Most people are afraid of dolls, so what could possibly be scarier than a living one? Combined with a bit of lace, the shine around the eyes and tinted lips look rather festive. I especially enjoyed her Creepy Pastaesque anecdote at the end. It’s cute, elegant, and would get a shiver out of everyone at the dinner table.

2. Nefertiti Bourne’s Frosbitten Face

This is one of the few full face makeup looks I found to be both unsettling and rather simple to do. A could-be OOTD by the Ghost of Christmas past, the outfit contrasts rather well with unnatural pallor.

3. Biohazardous Beauty’s Gothic Red Glitter Eyes

Aside from brows, anything that glitters n’ shimmers is the strawberry to my jam. There’s a slough of goth tutorials featuring red and black. Seeing how thanks to a certain someone, orange is a controversial color, I can see why. The gems really make the eyes pop out (don’t even start), and the color palette can be easily played with. Overall, a spooky, customizable look.

4. Drac Makens’ Bram Stoker Inspired Makeup

Drac Makens is one stunning ethereal being. This particular tutorial is a creative blend of horror and elegant everyday wear. You’ll be ready to suck the blood straight out of Santa.

5. Rose Nocturnalia’s Red, Black and White Gothic Makeup

Most of these are of seemingly same scheme, however, each goes according to a given tone. Rose adds a shimmer ’round the “inner eye dip”, which appears to enhance the glam. A majority of tutorials start with an unearthly pale foundation. I find Rose’s to perfectly resuscitate their melanin thanks to a blend of bold colors and dramatic black eyeliner. Be sure to raise a fine eyebrow as you open that Christmas present that just…isn’t black.

6. Dorian’s Red & Black Gothic Makeup

I love Dorian’s makeup tutorials in general – particularly for the entertaining anecdotes – and this is a rather easy one. You can’t see it on the thumbnail, but there are little bats above the brows! A fun face to rock for this season.

7. Tina Yu’s Molly Lolly Makeup

Lastly, this eerie candy cutie is one of my ultimate favs. Despite the rainbow range, these colors blend together to create a full on spooky Christmas babe. Isn’t that what the holidays are for?

Favs of yours? Any holiday plans? Do you have a moment of time to hear about our Lord and Savior?

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