Thoughts on Evelyn From the Internets’ “Thank God the Election is Over”

“Do everything you can to help the everyday experiences of your people.” – Evelyn from the Internets

Hey Fab Bats! There’s more than enough to go around when it comes to responses to the US 2016 Presidential elections. I personally enjoy Evelyn from the Internets’ approach, which consists of blocking all outside media to instead focus on inner opinions.

In addition to promoting influence, social media puts users in a constant state of emergency. Evelyn proposes here that we focus on our personal version of what to do next. This is definitely an idea to consider. Rather than attempting to fix the big picture, honing in on immediate problems that affect you, your peeps or the Joneses is grounds for change.

An overlooked aspect of revolt is the importance of oneself. Yes, there is power in protest, but you must not lose your life force in the fight. Author Maleele’s “In Defense of White Saviors” urges well-doers to channel their energy towards problems affecting their own community. Using the United States as an example, she criticizes the notion of a “white savior” traveling overseas to reinforce a superficial sense of self rather than genuinely help. Back to the video, Evelyn celebrates the end of the election, stepping immediately into acceptance. She suggests “focusing more on the day-to-day lives of individuals”.

In his recent critique of Election Week, John Oliver stresses the necessity of “making sacrifices to support people who are now under threat”. However, it should be noted that if you are in that situation yourself, it is important to support You.

Every year the result of US Presidential elections ripples beyond America, affecting populations on an International scale. So yep, thank God the election is over. It’s time to move on.

There is no one way to contribute to change. If you’re feeling at a loss, you can take steps to remain informed. Limit social media as a news source and branch out to the Washington Post, The New York Times or Roar. Check out Dill Comics and The Nib for some illustrated political commentary. Some more suggestions:

Any fun ways you like to take down the Oppressive Establishment © copyright 1492? Is this new to you or have you been facing this since day 1? Cookies, milk or both?

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