Take a Cute Pill! Kawaii Makeup for dark skin + DIY ideas

Hey Fab Bats! It’s Frivolous Friday. Now, I like the word kawaii because of the way most people use it. They make it sound extravagant. There’s cute and then there’s frikin KAWAII. The very use of the word could be a whole post within itself… Linguistics aside, I flipped up a few makeup tutorials for those of you who want your black or brown skin to glow and glitter in all its cuteness…

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Goth in the Heat ft. Marie Dauphine

Hey Fab Bats! With all the hoo-flippin-pla of everyone’s favorite 31st coming up, Dining with Dana is final-boss-level ready for the most important time of year: Post-Halloween. Any minute now life size skeletons will go for 15% off and bad imitation taxidermy animals (you know exactly what I’m talking about) will hit the clearance section. Mhm, all the good deals.

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Make Your Own Travel DIY Kit

Hey Fab Bats! Reading a book, listening to music, petting puppies are all great ways to pass the time during a commute. But, you know what else you could be doing? Sewing patches. Seriously, get your life together man. Compose a little kit so you will never be unprepared for that basement show or just need something to do when the G train glitches. Continue reading “Make Your Own Travel DIY Kit”

Banshee Body Empowerment

Hey Fab Bats!

As heat rises and we begin to shed our layers, a coat of armor dismantles to reveal our physical selves. Now before you go out and dismember your friend, remember you don’t have to exchange limbs with an Instamodel. I’m sure many of you are bikini body ready as it is, what with having bodies and all. Forgo the celery fast for a nice BBQ rib (again, don’t dismember a friend) and a side order of Caesar salad. However, here is not a human being on this ball of earth and water that does not at least once get worried about their body. You may have the urge to perch yourself high upon that weeping willow and claim that it is not true, but even in this bird-like state, you must give into the feels. Continue reading “Banshee Body Empowerment”

Custom Creepy Eight Legged Leggings

Hey Fab Bats! I just ordered 400 Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon this morning. But, about these tights… The other day I waltzed into NYC’s year round heavenly Halloween store and purchased a cartful of stripy tights (naturally), only to find that none of them fit. Now most of you must be like “Dana, duh, they’re ‘one size fits all’”. And, we all know what that means. The leg space was big enough to fit two small legs in, so that wasn’t the issue. The real problem lied in the feet and top. They just wouldn’t extend enough. Nah. Not about to penguin walk down the street in my double platforms.That feeling sound familiar?  Only so many outfit adjustments one can make in public at a time.

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