Take a Cute Pill! Kawaii Makeup for dark skin + DIY ideas

Hey Fab Bats! It’s Frivolous Friday. Now, I like the word kawaii because of the way most people use it. They make it sound extravagant. There’s cute and then there’s frikin KAWAII. The very use of the word could be a whole post within itself… Linguistics aside, I flipped up a few makeup tutorials for those of you who want your black or brown skin to glow and glitter in all its cuteness…

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DIY Coffin Pockets

Make gloomy stocking stuffers, tiny jewelry bags or even bookmarks.

Hey Fab Bats!

Looking for a last minute Christmas present? Forget the moldy fruitcake, let’s make stuff! This craft takes less than ten minutes and is also great for stuffing jewelry or messages in. Surprise your favorite freaks and fanged fam with a couple of these:

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