Support a diverse alternative modeling agency: Interview with Black Silk

Hey Fab Bats! I’ve got Black Silk here with us to talk a bit about her building a new inclusive modeling agency. Take a look at her GofundMe and maybe show a bit of support for a fellow Fab Bat looking to help out alternative models of color!

Tell us a bit about you: Your interests, work, studies, pets, hobbies…etc anything you like.

I am a former Gothic model, I have two black cats, I love art and to write.

Give us a rundown of your initiative: its mission, what it means to you… we’d love to know all about it.

It has always been apart of my dreams to run a modeling agency for models who don’t get a lot of representation. So far I run the pages/groups Black Goth Girls Rock, Black Goth Guys and Diverse Alternative Models. Hopefully nationally and eventually internationally. I wanted to do more but unfortunately starting something like that isn’t easy or free. Please help me reach my goal of 100k to make this a reality.

What is your personal definition of “alternative”? 

Basically different from the society norms.

You seem to be quite involved in the goth subculture. What drew you into the scene?

My interest started way back when I was a little kid. I was always fascinated with The Addams family. Morticia and Wednesday fascinated me. I wanted to be like them. As a teen and an adult, nothing changed except my mode of dress.

Do you believe that a slender figure and pale complexion as goth beauty ideals still stand today? 

Yes, unfortunately I feel they still do. Personally I would love to see that change. This is why I created FB pages like Black Goth Girls & Black Goth Guys. I think POC goths are slowly getting more recognition than say maybe 10 years ago.

Did a specific event bring you to begin your project or has this been a long-term goal? 

Actually the lack of diversity with modeling agencies inspired me. Mainstream agencies look down on certain body mods and most alternative agencies want a certain look to define alternative models.

What is your opinion on agencies that use the term “diversity” to attract an audience? 

Unless I actually see diversity, I don’t believe it.

In what way would you say your project is different from other inclusive agencies such as Ugly ModelsAnti-Agency and Natural?

Honestly I hadn’t heard about any of those before this. I had to do some research lol. Mine is different because it is more focused on the diversity in the alternative scene.

Lastly, how do you believe your agency will make an impact on young, marginalized people? 

My hope and my goal is to help us have more opportunities. When I started modeling and up into now I’ve had countless alternative POC like myself afraid to start modeling or lacked the opportunities and just gave up. I don’t believe anyone should give up on their dreams if they’re passionate about them.

You can find Black Silk on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (blacksilkgoth).

Help create her diverse modeling agency for alternative models of color here!

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One thought on “Support a diverse alternative modeling agency: Interview with Black Silk

  1. Absolutely love this !! As a ‘Mediterranean Tanned Goth’ I feel the pain and lack of representation. I do also want to challenge the ‘pale and skinny’ archetype – we darker Goths exist too 🙂 Thansks for this!

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