How to Creep Up Your Lawn this Summer

Hey Fab Bats! The hot weather’s got me turned into a bit of a grinch. So, I thought I’d lay back and talk something fun. With a few months of blaring heat left ahead, why not spend some of the time hiding away from the sun to spruce up the cave? Here are some ways you can freakify your lair…

“Halloween” Painted Pots

Instead of candy you could plant herbs or flowers… Create an army of black pots on the lawn decorated with victorian and cat silhouettes or esoteric symbols.

Materials needed:

Here is another excellent potted plant idea:

Use hand props (you can get them from costume stores) or better yet, mold your own out of plaster. These are especially fun and will guarantee-or-your-money-back creep out visitors.


Make a cheap outdoor coffin out of palettes

In case you want to hide from your guests.

The stained wood is an easy finish, with the cross adding an eerie touch. Although this wood stain is aesthetically pleasing, you could play around with different colors such as red or black.

User Terra lists the required materials: “To make this I used 4 pallets (2 small and 2 large) to give me enough wood for the top and sides. I used a sheet of plywood for the bottom and a box of 1 inch dry wall screws (coarse thread) and 3 (6 foot by 6 inch) fence posts. I used a drill, marker, angle saw, reciprocating saw, and circular saw (also my jig when the battery on the circular saw died.)”

Here is another pattern that can be adapted for any sized coffin:

For more methods check out Wikihow (click here for English Version).


Flamingo Skeleton

Why is everything reserved for Halloween? Either way, this twist is plain perfect!! US based bats will be familiar with this staple. Yes, every house in America has at least five flamingoes.

Materials needed:

  • Plastic Flamingo
  • Black spray paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Gloss sealer

For an added touch, remove all grass from the lawn leaving it devoid of life, inhabited only by a dead bird and a couple rose stems.


Build your own wrought iron fence

Scott A. Stoll, who is known for constructing amazing Halloween decor through the use of paper mâché and common objects, explains step-by-step how to make this incredible wrought iron fence. If you don’t have or simply can’t purchase one, this is a rather comprehensive tutorial. The fence is made from “1×2 inch pieces of lumber, ½ inch PVC pipe and sheets of craft foam”.

Will you be making anything? Comment!


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