Sounds for a Sweet Snooze

Hey Fab Bats! Must give cred where cred is due: I’ve been getting some good sleep lately and for that have terrifying tunes to thank. Thought I’d share several favorite albums with those of you weary from lack of winks. Here’s to insomnia:

Natasha Khan, who goes by Bat for Lashes, sings some lullaby like lyrics with her melodic voice. She traveled all the way to the Joshua Tree Tree Natural Park in California to draw inspiration for her album Two Suns. Purposefully taking on a new personality through a feminine alter-ego named Pearl, this story contributes to the album’s ghostly atmosphere…

The OBGMs’ Paranoid, Paranoia from their self-titled debut album actually spoke to me much more than their better known Beat Up Kidz. Featured at Afropunk Fest and having played alongside such greats as Bad Brains and Saul Williams, they’ve gathered recognition within the punk scene…

With Eric Cope fronting, Glorious Din carries on post-punk’s traditional monotone feel. The Sri Lankan singer unknowingly spawned a niche cult following, though little is known about the band now. Active for only three years, their footsteps were all but faint as they paved the way for many bands within the genre. One of their most popular songs, Tenement Roofs, appears on Leading Stolen Horses. Something to reflect on before you hit the floor/sleep-sack/throne-upon-which-you-slumber, itt’s perfect for a cloudy eve…

Brazilian band Plastique Noir was founded in an effort to escape a bipolar scene consisting of heavy metal and hardcore, resulting in a sound so goth my fishnets ripped themselves (just get a load of Empty Streets). On an extra note, Plastique Noir is named after the black bag used to store dead bodies in morgues. Stamp their cards.

That being said, my favorite song to fall asleep to is Dream Inside A Dream (Inside A Dream)… aren’t I clever.

Finally, The KVB would shut anyone’s eyes. Rather largely represented and less marginalized than the previous bands, the UK duo still more than deserve a spot on the list. At least in my personal opinion. I find White Walls to be among their dreariest…

And of course, shout your go-to snooze tunes in the comments.


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