+Size Alternative Fashion (Cyber Monday treat)

Calling all my Fat Bats! Don’t know about you, but although I appreciate a good scare, November’s Friday of fear is not my jug of Oolong. You know what is good? Cyber Monday.

Put some bitcoins in your pocket, arm yourself with a manual and check out a v 3.0 of this lil’ list you Fab Bats helped me compile back in August 2015. All of these shops carry +Sizes, some ranging more in style and fit than others. There’s a bit of glitter n’ gloom for everyone. As per usual: something you luv but don’t see? Voice it in the comments!

Here’s to supporting small businesses:

  • Candy Strike – Indie shop with artistically morbid designs for all sizes. The designer believes in “fearless fashion, smirks and unapologetic displays of style”.
  • Witch Worldwide – Esoteric Symbolism made accessible to all.
  • Ready to Stare – all heads turn in disbelief, blinded by the Force of your Fab.
  • Chubby Cartwheels – Feeling the galaxy witch vibe full force. I noticed a more masculine section is budding now.
  • Christian Omeshun – Can’t get enough of this Black Magic. Check out their sets.


  • Courtney Noelle – Independently owned positive and empowering femme fashion brand.
  • Feminine Funk – You know those t-shirts with the witty sayings on them? This is one of those brands, only independent, entirely +Size and 95% Beyoncé inspired.
  • FOC – Flaws of Couture, a Storenvy with a statement.
  • Hell Bunny – On the Rockin’-that-Psycho Billy side, as most +Alt fashion seems to be, but still incredibly Qute.
  • Hey Viv – Another Retro rollin shop. Only this one’s got a cheeky edge.
  • Hello Holiday – Fancy grunge with a 1956 aftertaste. Mostly simple skirts, dresses and lingerie.
  • Retroscope Fashions – Steampunk attire for Ladies and Gentlemen gifted with acute time traveling skills! Grab your mustaches and place a custom order for larger sizes! Quite the extraordinary!
  • Gentelman’s Emporium – Check out the larger sizes, chap.
  • Kambriel – Intricate gothic clothing with both masculine and feminine selections. Custom sizes.
  • Rose Mortem – Oh you Victorian Goths… Beautiful handmade velvet based, lace trimmed, corset secured dresses in custom sizes. You can even choose your own colors, although most of you will probably go for black.
  • Gloomth – Gorgeous handmade clothing with custom sizes. This is how I imagine Wednesday’s wardrobe.


  • Tunnel Vision – psycho 90s vintage craze. Also features model Alyssa Thralls from Dining with Dana’s first interview!
  • Monif C. – A gorgeous collection of dresses and swimwear. Lots o’ colors.
  • Pinup Girl Clothing – 50s inspired +size fashion. A real way back trip with modern prints. A great alternative to Hell Bunny if you’re looking to step out of Psychobilly town or want to create your own take on it.
  • Corvus Corone – a hauntingly beautiful Etsy shop. Get ready to summon some demons in these outfits. If you do not see your size, Heidi Grotesque takes custom orders.



Fat Bat T-shirts
There are still a couple Fat Bat t-shirts in stock! Sizes range from S to XXL with larger ones coming soon.


Check out gothiccharmschool‘s fab post on buying Plus Size Goth gear or this major list of retailers with +size clothing. For our Lolita’s in the house, here is a great list by MsZombi.

Look forward to more +Size resources!

Which are your favorite small businesses for Fat Bat sizes? Anything on your wish list?  Are you one of those people that somehow manages to go bare-legged in the dead of winter? If so, explain yourself.

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3 thoughts on “+Size Alternative Fashion (Cyber Monday treat)

  1. the blog post is very impressive! as the larger size girls have very down confidence because of their size and this blog post will build their confidence. the alternative fashion is not only meant for the slim girls it is also for the big girls.

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