Meet a Fab Bat! – Hilary

Let’s hear the voice of Hilary, a Rabid Reader of Dining with Dana…

“Nice to meet you! I’m Hilary. I’m a mix race Latina with dark hair that comes down past my waist. I have a master’s degree in Criminology, a black cat, and a love for all things gothic, punk, and metal. When not taking photos in a graveyard, I like to cosplay. I come from a line of activists and hope I can do my part to better the world around me.”

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Blerdcon and Inclusivity in Geek Culture: Talk with Hilton George

One of the most intriguing subcultural (r)evolutions lies in the rise of the Blerd. Over the course of the past several years, interest in geek culture has blown up, creating a space for more representation within border-breaking genres. At some pin on the timeline, the Blerd – a.k.a. Black Nerd – was birthed.

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A Comprehensive list of Anti-Trump Inauguration Rallies & Meetings, by Dean

Angry Generation-Why? speaking. Again.

There are a lot of things going on in the world that need talking about, but everyone keeps asking about the US President elect and what we’re supposed to do with him. Get together, break open a bag of chips and express your discontent with the current state of affairs…

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Top 7 Creepy Christmas Makeup Tutorials

Hey Fab Bats! How you doing? Me, personally, I’m feeling a little on the grinchy side. You know, what with the state of the world. To counteract that, I’ve been looking at some pretty light content before getting back to the heavy stuff (so heavy it makes all the dead bodies I’ve hauled light as feathers in comparison). Lets take a break from the System n’ Stuff and countdown these top master face painters:

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7 Instagrams for Banshee Body Empowerment

Hey Fab Bats! Been grammin’ on the Insta and, as every glance goes, was bombarded by the many fitness gurus promoting “healthy living”. These users usually don politically correct curves, live off glorious platters of raw rainbow veggies and preach semi-permanent positivity.

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Let’s Talk Alternative Youtubers – 13 Fun Videos

Hey Fab Bats! With a couple projects in the crock pot, I can’t wait to serve each of you Fab Bats some soup from the dead man’s soul. Between cookin’ up some eerie eats for you fab freaks and checking in on my Dad’s lab so the pipes don’t pop and the test tubes stop….. I am somewhat in need of an intermission.

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