FSPNYC’s “The Meaning of Trump’s Victory– And What’s Next” (December 10th)

Hey Fab Bats! I received a request from the Freedom Socialist Party of NYC to spread the news about a discussion forum on living under Trump’s America. I really appreciate that they are moving to establish an action plan. Check out the details here:

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Thoughts on Evelyn From the Internets’ “Thank God the Election is Over”

“Do everything you can to help the everyday experiences of your people.” – Evelyn from the Internets

Hey Fab Bats! There’s more than enough to go around when it comes to responses to the US 2016 Presidential elections. I personally enjoy Evelyn from the Internets’ approach, which consists of blocking all outside media to instead focus on inner opinions. Continue reading “Thoughts on Evelyn From the Internets’ “Thank God the Election is Over””

A Comprehensive List of Anti-Trump Protests & Meetings, by Dean

Politically Correct Twenty-something Grandpa Punk speaking.

I’M ANGRY. I’m always angry. Nothing new here. Moving on, the 2016 US Presidential Election had a pretty bad twist ending. Disappointing to say the least. We’re basically fighting for the same respect we’ve been trying to get since America was a thing. Down to collectively yell?

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Dana does “The Alternative Black Girl Tag”

Hey Fab Bats! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do the Alternative Black Girl Tag. This is a bit of insight into my cartoon being, but mostly a chance to hear if my experience resonates with you. Grab onto those thoughts and get ready to voice…

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Pass-the-Gravy Eats and Post-Halloween Celebrations

Hey Fab Bats! That time of year is rolling in… Yes, tomorrow is Halloween, but I’m talking comfort food. Now, while most of you enjoy this very specific date, my favorite moment when stars align is during the upcoming month of November. Pumpkin spice is set to the side to make way for cinnamon, a wonderful toasty taste. The best, however, is not this new flavor, but that brief step into the Twilight Zone as the two seasons collide…

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Goth in the Heat ft. Marie Dauphine

Hey Fab Bats! With all the hoo-flippin-pla of everyone’s favorite 31st coming up, Dining with Dana is final-boss-level ready for the most important time of year: Post-Halloween. Any minute now life size skeletons will go for 15% off and bad imitation taxidermy animals (you know exactly what I’m talking about) will hit the clearance section. Mhm, all the good deals.

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Make Your Own Travel DIY Kit

Hey Fab Bats! Reading a book, listening to music, petting puppies are all great ways to pass the time during a commute. But, you know what else you could be doing? Sewing patches. Seriously, get your life together man. Compose a little kit so you will never be unprepared for that basement show or just need something to do when the G train glitches. Continue reading “Make Your Own Travel DIY Kit”