Modify Band Shirts the Simple Way

You know that uber awesome shirt you have that’s really extra large? A great deal of you spooks probably listen to bands, and wear shirts, so it’s quite likely that the shirt in question is in fact a band shirt. Either that, or it’s Sonic the Hedgehog merch you bought at the latest Con. Do not contradict me, I am correct. Notice how people size these shirts to fit rectangles. That’s because they are designed using Tetris™, and that is what happens when you let geeks make fashion statements.

For those of you that want to show off your feminine/masculine/ambiguously gendered features, here’s the absolute easiest way to modify your shirt besides gluing it to your body.

Acquire the following:
– shirt you want to modify
– shirt that fits your rockin’ bod
– needle and thread or sewing machine
– scissors
– a pair of hands (possibly a third, if you can manage)

Step the 1st: Turn band shirt inside out. Place fitted shirt over top it. This is your pattern. If you want, you can use a white pencil or chalk to outline it.

Step the 2nd: Begin sewing along lines of fitted shirt. Old timey way, or with sewing machine for those equipped.

Step the 3rd: Try the shirt on before the next step. If it feels awkward, modify until satisfied (take into consideration the extra fabric).

Step the 4th: Cut fabric, following the pattern, about half an inch/2 cm away from the seams.

Step the 5th: Turn shirt right side in. Congratulations, you are sexy.

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