Make Your Own Travel DIY Kit

Hey Fab Bats! Reading a book, listening to music, petting puppies are all great ways to pass the time during a commute. But, you know what else you could be doing? Sewing patches. Seriously, get your life together man. Compose a little kit so you will never be unprepared for that basement show or just need something to do when the G train glitches.

To consider:

  • A flimsy wallet or cosmetics bag. The dollar store knows what’s up.
  • A box of minty mints. I am an avid Altoider and collect the tins.
  • Spare pieces of jeans, fabric, patches etc… whatever you plan to rip/pin/soil.


To do:

  • Basics and Ornamentation – Fill the Altoid box with sewing needles, buttons, spikes or daisies and doilies. I made a small pin cushion out of an old Adicts patch so they stay in place.
  • Sewing and Attaching – Dental floss, thread and pins of all sizes. Tree branches, if you’re in a pinch.
  • Patches and Markers – Set your baby overalls aside and cut up some pieces for your tiny tot kit. Fabric or water based acrylic markers are simply easier to travel with than a tube of paint or spray can. But, if you want to screenprint on the metro that’s your choice (I don’t know your life). However, if you have some patches in progress, I noticed that fabric markers are a great way to touch up acrylic projects. You’ll be less worried about being clean with the paint brush when you can fine tune it in post.

Remember to bring the garment which you consider retouching or wear it and take it off to do your DIY. Just don’t sew publicly in the nude.


Image: Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist.

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