Make a Skirt out of a Regular Hoodie (with pockets!)

Hey ghouls and gals! When was the last time you found a close fitting article of clothing with pockets? Everyone needs a place to stock their vinyl collection and spare boots. Here’s how you can make a pencil skirt with or without pockets:

You will need:

  • a hoodie (any color, but black is awesome)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a needle and thread
  • plenty of safety pins


Step the 1st: Cut hood off the hoodie.image

Step the 2nd: Cut about 1/3 of the sleeves away.image

Step the 3rd: Turn hoodie inside out and sew bottom of sleeves. these will be the pockets. If you do not want pockets, skip this step.image

Step the 4th: Turn everything right side in except pockets.image

Step 5th: Try “skirt” on to see how it fits. Slip in it through top opening (where the hood used to be). Now adjust bottom with pins. This will make it look more like a pencil skirt. This works best for close fitting or small hoodies.


Step the 6th: If you do not want pockets, add pins around the sleeve area. Otherwise, skip this step.image

And voilà! Fun done. You can now walk around wearing cat eye glasses and telling everyone to “shush”!


Bonus: The extra fabric you cut off the sleeves makes great leg/hand warmers!

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One thought on “Make a Skirt out of a Regular Hoodie (with pockets!)

  1. What a great use for an old hoodie, I love this! I could definitely see myself trying this, I seem to collect hoodies at a ridiculous rate and most of them just sit in my drawers 🙂

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