Let’s Talk Alternative Youtubers – 13 Fun Videos

Hey Fab Bats! With a couple projects in the crock pot, I can’t wait to serve each of you Fab Bats some soup from the dead man’s soul. Between cookin’ up some eerie eats for you fab freaks and checking in on my Dad’s lab so the pipes don’t pop and the test tubes stop….. I am somewhat in need of an intermission.

What do you usually do when you need a gasp of breath? Personally – besides writing long intros – I fly on over to Youtube. Perched on the rooftop in the rain, I’ve composed a list of fun footage by some fave arsenic apples on the wonderweb:

  • 6 Most Annoying Youtube Sins by ofherbsandaltars (above) – Now see, this is what I just love about the alt side of Youtube. Yes, the content here is on point, but HEY can we talk about the Look? Been gushing over Ofherbsandalters videos a lot recently and would recommend the above for the funs. Connect with their work here.

  • The Gothic Alice Film Overviews – beyond a resource for that endless abyss of “having nothing to watch”, The Gothic Alice’s comprehensive rundowns of anything from Monster Flicks to Punk and Music Films inspire to study the screen and further explore a particular genre. Sit back with a bowl of popcorn, and maybe a side order of… fine wine?
  • Stef Sanjati’s Need to Giggle? videos – I am supposed to be giggling but I’m crying because Stef Sanjati is such a beautiful person and I thoroughly enjoy this compilation. ALSO: please help support Stef’s Gender Confirmation Fund.
  • Hello Batty’s Monthly Favorites – Adorable style, easy watching and generally sweet.

What do you think? Who do you choose? There can only be one……

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