Join the Fab Bat Colony, Dana’s Facebook Group!

Hey Fab Bats! Today I am happy to introduce the new Facebook group made for you to connect with each other. This is the first centralized space for Dining with Dana readers. After the blog’s Tumblr days, readers seemed to be coming in from various directions. Make friends with fellow Fab Bats in the comfort of this cozy home. As usual, I have prepared tea and bat-shaped cookies. Check it out here.

“What if I’m not on Facebook?” some of you might ask. That’s totally fine. The comments section is open here on every post for you to communicate with each other. Hopefully, with enough interaction, we might be able to have Fab Bat meetups in the future hosted by the creator. If this is something that interests you, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Yet another announcement: Fit Bat Workouts are back (and with a vicious vengeance)

The Fit Bat Workouts blog is still up and running. They will now also be posted in the Fab Bats colony group where you will be able to share your progress, ask questions and support/learn from other members. This is all new and I am so excited to share it with you! Future workouts will include more pilates moves, as we will be working towards toning. If there is any one workout you would like to see my cartoon self do, please voice it in the comments!

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