Goth Summer Pack

Hey Fab Bats! Do you need resources for coping with this heat, as the brooding bat that you are? This summer pack is here to help…

I. Goth in the Heat ft. Marie Dauphine

A complete post on tips for dressing goth in a hot climate from our favorite Californian bat in black, Marie Dauphine. If you wear gothic lolita, love lace or simply rock a romantic style, this will be especially helpful.

II. 13 Ways to Stay Spooky this Summer

Feel lighter as you cast shade on the sunny weather. Here is a list of ideas to make this time of year more enjoyable. Add your own twist and surround yourself with like-minded people who may be up for these eerie activities.

III. Bikini Season for Bats: Goth Swimwear

Going to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. Let everyone know who you are with a selection of goth beachwear. These range from custom batwing bikinis to skeleton one-pieces.

IV. Halloween in Summer: Ghastly Garden Party

Get together with fellow foes and throw a backyard party. Try these suggestions to spook up your lawn and create shade under the heat. Don’t forget to follow the Homicidal Homemaker’s recipes for refreshments!

V. 10 Gothy Things to do Today

Out of ideas or too hot to move? Don’t let the weather get you down! Here are 10 gothy things you can do any day.

Suggestions? Tips and Tricks? Let us know what you do during the summer!

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