Goth in the Heat ft. Marie Dauphine

Hey Fab Bats! With all the hoo-flippin-pla of everyone’s favorite 31st coming up, Dining with Dana is final-boss-level ready for the most important time of year: Post-Halloween. Any minute now life size skeletons will go for 15% off and bad imitation taxidermy animals (you know exactly what I’m talking about) will hit the clearance section. Mhm, all the good deals.

And now, the weather…

Though many of you readers might be experiencing the pre-winter chill, some haven’t quite been able to break out the jackets and triple cake layers. Marie Dauphine has kindly agreed to give a handful of tips for those of you wearing black in the heat! Here’s what this elegantly eerie Bat in Black has to voice…

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In a few short words, how would you describe your style?

Gothic opulence with a tinge of romantic goth.


What is the climate like where you live?

NOT REALLY goth friendly. I mean, if you’re into sandals it’s paradise, but not when you sometimes just get the urge to leave the house in a long velvet cape *just the thought…my goodness*

You appear to be a fan of lace, layers and vintage accessories. How do you stay comfortable in the heat?

Luckily with lace, there is the ability to still look your gothy self without melting into a pool of black. I tend to see bohemian style trending during the summer, so you can often find the darker counterpart of “gypsy” or “romantic” styled clothing. Layers are also workable as well with chiffon or light crushed velvet kimonos to give your outfit a darker vibe. I pretty much avoid too much layering in the summer because although you want to look amazing, it’s also not safe to strain yourself so much to the point of heat exhaustion, so as long as I wear breathable fabrics and not too many accessories, I can survive. OH! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: ROCK YOUR LACE PARASOL OR OVERSIZED GLASSES. You’re both safe and you look amazing.


How do you go about composing your outfits in the summer?

In the summer, like any other season, I am inspired by Victorian styles in perhaps lighter colors such as cream or grey. I also take a lot of inspiration from the 1920’s and wear a lot of kimonos or drop waist lace dresses for more comfort.


Which outfits make you feel most You?

Honestly, I feel that any style I dress in, has some sort of trademark of myself, and as long as it has that, then I’m comfortable. I see these fashions and subcultures in a way that I have the structure of it, but my aesthetic is what makes my outfits comfortable for me.

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What kind of reactions do you usually get in public with your style? How do you respond?

Usually people want to take photos with me. Especially when I’m in Lolita or 1920’s inspired fashion. Specifically little old ladies love to take photos with me Haha! I do get the occasional “It isn’t halloween” comment, but I’ve been dressing like this for such a long time that I don’t even bat an eyelash.


Did you learn through trial and error when it comes to being dark and decadent despite the weather? Or are you just cold blooded?

Ohhhh yeah. If I’m wearing an outfit and I’m already sweating and I haven’t left the house yet, it’s time to get rid of something. But often times, when you just gotta dress to the nines on a summer day for a convention or for a meet up or party…You just gotta roll with the punches. However, I think with time I just don’t feel the rays of the sun burning my soul from the inside anymore. When this happens, think of this as a goth milestone! Haha

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What is your favorite time of year?

See, if I lived somewhere where seasons exist, I would say fall. But it’s sometimes still hot here in California during that time. But I absolutely love winter. I just like it when it below 60!

Do you have any tips for our Bats in Black this season?

BE SAFE! I understand you want to wear your entire ensemble and maybe there is an article of clothing that just isn’t summer weather friendly, but know your limits! Drink plenty of water and as I mentioned before: A BLACK PARASOL IS AN INVESTMENT.

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Any tips of your own? What do you usually do?

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