Friday Favorites: The Homicidal Homemaker

What could you ask for more than a gorgeous ghoul cooking all of your fav foods…horror edition. Yes, my Fab Bats, this is what we will be looking at today! The chilling world of Kaci, also known as “Martha Stewart of the Macabre”, who creates and bakes your favorite recipes with a terrifying twist. They’re easy to make, the instructions are clear, and every sketch is a hit. Here is the video I adore the most…

Her home-friendly psychobilly style and pleasant voice always foreshadow a scary sketch. The above one has our favorite slasher villains chilling at a cookout, apparently too busy to notice the delicious brain platter generously brought to them by our host. In a manner reminiscent of Vampira and Elvira, Kaci presents her dishes with a bit of macabre humor. There is a southernness to her attitude…some “thank you, kindly” with a knife-behind-her-back hostile hospitality.

Kaci’s Youtube channel also posts reviews of famous nostalgic eats such as Hi-C Ecto Cooler. How could you not want a sweet taste of this?

The Homicidal Homemaker website offers equally fun tutorials along with DIY and vintage recipe revamps. Take a look at these “Severed Soft Pretzel Fingers & Bloody Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce“:

What are your favorite recipes on the Homicidal Homemaker channel?

You can find Kaci on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, don’t forget to support the channel on Patreon!

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