Friday Favorites: Meltychocolatemoon – Support an alternative black owned business!

Hey Fab Bats! Welcome to another Friday Favorites. I’ve been meaning to feature this one for a while, as I am a long time fan of this bat babe’s work…

If you’re living the kawaii life you might recognize Meltychocolatemoon from Instagram and Youtube. The Swedish jewelry designer’s accessories are at the threshold of creepy cute and excess glitter. She blends sweet with sick in her bite-size accessories. Below are some of my favorite pieces. Visit the shop for more.

Click on the images for links to the store.

Menhera Happy pills Candy Necklace. $24.00.
Ouija Board and Pointer Pastel Necklace, $33.00.
Menhera Syringe Necklace Galaxy version, $24.00.
Spiked Headband, $31.00.
Bat Hairclip Matte Black, $6.00.
Black Decora CUTE 2way brooch, $17.00.

Check out her Store, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

What are your favorite items? Do you know of or have an alternative black-owned business you want featured? Shout!

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