Friday Favorites: Dolly Momoiro

Hey Fab Bats! Welcome to Friday Favorites. Each week I will be featuring something I love or recently came across. Today I fell upon the sweetest of creepy kawaii models.

According to her bio, Dolly Momoiro is not only a freelance model but also a songwriter, burlesque performer, fire performer, j-pop performer, designer, background actor and works in fashion. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook¬†expressing a style she clearly states as “not cosplay”.

The effort that people put into their look should be seen as a legitimate artform. To have the courage to walk outside and just be you is a challenge, no matter how sturdy your self-esteem is. Expect comments, compliments and confused looks when rocking a style that feels right to your Self and only your Self. Do not depend on others for confirmation, free your soul of validation from outsiders and most definitely rid yourself of the fear to experiment. Who knows what you could come up with?

Here are some particularly striking outfits by Dolly Momoiro who says she “dresses like this every day”… not to please or impress, but to just be.

What are your favorites for this Friday? Anything interesting you want featured? Tell us in the comments!

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