Facts About White Supremacists and Who to Avoid

Hi, it’s Dean. Thank you for joining us here today. Now felt like the right time to release this semi-bite size pack for those who would like to avoid, recognize and/or be aware of white supremacist groups. Version FR en bas!

This is going to be similar to the Comprehensive list of Anti-Trump Inauguration Rallies & Meetings I did back in January, except I will be highlighting important information here and there so you don’t have to browse through all of the articles.

If you find misinformation or want to add your own dusty 2 cents, comment or send a direct message. As always, be respectful. If you’re too angry to type, pet a dog, eat a cheese cube or something. We’re here to educate, not throw bottles at each other. If a random supremacist appears, let them fester in their own bubble. Chances are they won’t change their ways and are just out to instigate. Don’t waste your time. You are, however, encouraged to promote anti-fa events and organizations.

Okay, we’re good.

Two six packs and half a can later, here’s what I found:


Recognizing White Supremacists: Symbols and Mantras

The Anti-Defamation League offers a full hate symbol database. I recommend referring to Complex’s Complete Dictionary of White Supremacist Slang and Symbols for a narrowed down version of the database. They include mantras often used in comments sections to recruit users through misinformation:

“Anti-racist is code for anti-white.”

This mantra on its own is meant to condition white people to see anti-racism views as negative, but the phrase was coined by white supremacist Bob Whitaker and is frequently used as part of Stormfront’s SWARMfront project. The initiative includes Stormfront operatives (called BUGs) using various tactics like concern trolling to recruit new members across news media comment sections and social media platforms.

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everyone!”

Another Whitaker-coined phrase commonly used by BUGs, this is used in comments, posts, and memes arguing (falsely) that countries predominately populated by people of color are allowed and encouraged to exclude white people and maintain a uniform ethnic identity, whereas white countries are not. This is obviously ahistorical and absurd, but it is one of their most common and effective tactics.

“White genocide,” or, “Diversity is code for white genocide.”

An original SWARMfront invention, this mantra is used as part of an argument made by white supremacists that miscegenation is a plot to eliminate the white race.

Symbols to be aware of:

If you’re skeptical about the usefulness of recognizing such symbols and are mostly here out of morbid curiosity, I would suggest checking out this article from the Atlantic sharing your same feelings.

The official site of the United States Marine Corps has a (possibly dated, but useful for reference) presentation on unauthorized and/or inappropriate tattoos. I made a PDF version for user friendly reading: US Marine Corps Unauthorized Tattoos. If you know this information to be outdated in relation to US marines, please comment. On the subject of tattoos, while most of ADL’s database is for knowledge’s sake, it is also very useful for those who would prefer to avoid “accidental fascist imagery” while inking their skin.

White Nationalism Worldwide

Refer to Wikipedia’s list of white nationalist organizations. Below are organizations from English speaking countries outside of the United States. For more on nationalist groups within the US, skip to the next section. For extreme right and nationalist groups in France, please view the FR section of this post.



United Kingdom

Keep in mind that some of the information in this Wikipedia article may differ according to the language you view it in.

Active Hate Groups in the United States

SPLC (The Southern Poverty Law Center) has a database of 892 active hate groups in the United States dating from 2015. You can also find a live hate map designating all hate groups across the country. It counts a total of 917 hate groups for 2017.

To delve even further, they have full profiles of 53 extremist groups and 119 extremist figures.

You can also visit nationalist websites directly to find out where future hate events may be held (e.g: the American Freedom Party’s event page).


Hello World,

J’ai regroupé deux trois trucs à savoir sur le nationalisme et la suprématie blanche en France. Ceci n’est pas une liste exhaustive mais un début. Avec votre aide (et l’aide de quelques canettes 86), j’espère pouvoir en faire une plus complète.

Reconnaître les Movements Fascistes: Sémiotique

Voici un guide des symboles et imageries fascistes en France et à l’internationale composé par l’Union Anti-fasciste Toulousaine. Les infos clés:

Certains symboles anti-fa ont été repris part des organizations fascistes, comme ci-dessous.

En ce qui concerne la croix gammée, il existe plusieurs variétés. Voici un bon exemple de son interprétation moderne.

Attention aux chiffres! Pensez aux tatouages contenant les nombres 14, 18 et 88.

Organizations Nationalistes en France

Une simple recherche Wikipédia et on trouve une liste internationale d’organisations nationalistes blanches. Pour ce qu’il y a en France, observez ce petit copier-coller:

On a également 160 mouvements d’extrême droite depuis 1945, de A à Z composé par France Politique. Du même site, l’annuaire de l’extrême droite explique les types d’organizations d’extrême droite radicale, dont le:

Si il y-a quelconque information fausse ou manquante, veuillez le préciser en commentaire ou message directe. Évitez de vous battre; respirez, posez vous un peu, n’oublier pas de vous hydrater (l’eau c’est bien). Si un fasciste apparait, laissez le ruminer dans sa bulle. Rien ne se résolut entièrement sur Internet. Ici, c’est un espace d’enseignement et de mobilisation.

Bonus: If you live outside of the US or France and can throw in a couple white supremacist names to be aware of, please do! Stay safe everyone.

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