Dear Family of Goths of Color

Is your child acting white?

Are they starring in snuggy commercials, watching Full House and eating triple mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast?

Worse, are they ripping their clothes and collecting vinyls?

Well, Fab Bats with a difficult fam, remember this: it is all an illusion. Race – while at the core serves no purpose other than to separate our population into tiny, manageable bite size morsels – will affect your lifestyle choices both directly and indirectly. Like time and Salvador Dali.

It seems that, for Goths of Color, cultural confusions pops up just as much within personal circles as it does outside. Now, my clan is a supportive one, but yours may not be as such. So, here are some references from the blog if you need to give them a quick run down…


“Who else does this weird thing you are doing here?”

Visit all the links on Resources for Goths of Color and check out A Day in the Life of a Kenyan Goth and Metalheads in Botswana.

Remember the Afropunk documentary?

Here is a long list of wicked looking bloggers. You can also invite them to browse these blogs:

Thank you spookyloop for the following:

“Are all the bands you listen to white?”

It’s showtime!!! Bring out the Goth/Post Punk/Alternative Bands of Color. For a quick list, here is a Top 25 of the above bands. The music page updates with fresh sound every day too.

As an example of crazed cross cultural creations, here’s a fierce Guzheng cover of Metallica.

“What’s with all the scary stuff? Isn’t that for folks who glow in the dark?”

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