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“I can say that raw feelings make a good sound. Because we are not machine. We could shed blood, could vomit and have feeling of hate. … I wanted to express the mental instability and mental cruelty which a girl has. Now we are holding up pride, hate and life in the front. We are not wearing that dress.” – Vivian Slaughter


Gallhammer spawned in 2002 from bassist-vocalist-saxophonist Vivian Slaughter. A product of several vocalists, instrumentals followed the creative evolution of their sound. One of rare all-female extreme metal bands, Gallhammer captures darkness, negativity, emptiness and pain through gritty vocals to challenge a society that asks you to smile. Influences Hellammer, Celtic Frost, but also Gil Scott-Heron among others are reflected in their gut spilling lyrics. After gaining notoriety through a European tour, the band retreats around 2008 to play mostly small gigs in Japan. Their latest album, titled “The End”, dates back to 2011 and was composed by duo Vivian Slaughter and Risa Reaper. The album ironically finalizes an era in Gallhammer’s life, on hiatus since 2013. Support the band and purchase music here.



  • Gloomy Lights (2003)
  • Ill Innocence (2007)
  • The End (2011)
  • The First Reh-Tape (demo) (2003)
  • Gallhammer (demo) (2003)
  • Endless Nauseous Days (demo) (2004)
  • Beyond The Hatred (EP) (2007)
  • The Dawn of… (compilation) (2007)



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Phototography: Hervé GirodPeaceville Records

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