Dana does “The Alternative Black Girl Tag”

Hey Fab Bats! For a while now I’ve been wanting to do the Alternative Black Girl Tag. This is a bit of insight into my cartoon being, but mostly a chance to hear if my experience resonates with you. Grab onto those thoughts and get ready to voice…

How did you know you were “different”?

I guess having a mad scientist dad with six limbs was a signifier that I should have been different than others. However… I don’t feel that way. In the grand scheme of our expanding universe, what am I to be different from? I feel more as though someone slipped up and used the bat shaped cookie cutter while making gingerbread men. We may vary in shape and size, but at the end of the day, we’re all cut from the same mold.

Do people judge you?

Of course! I get judged all the time. For the way I look, dress and generally am. I would be a hypocrite, though, if I said I didn’t judge other people. We all do so. Now hold your headless horsemen, I’m not saying you should go ahead and pick on the nearest kid, steal candy from a baby etc etc, so on, so forth and the like. We judge people on different levels. Our Mr. man Malcolm Gladwell famously states that we all “think without thinking“. Yeeep. On an over the rainbow note, people do not always judge negatively. It can be positive, a nice neutral or swerving within the emotional gradient. Either way, I might have a sweet tooth but can simply not invite “good” judgement without letting in the negative too (they’re a couple, see). So, I listen to both.

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How do you react to negative people?

It all depends on where they’re coming from. Sometimes – and unfortunately – negative people are close to you. To turn the other cheek or poke in the eye? Most people close to me accept my being. When a hater starts hating, I think of those who love me as Me. When it gets to my core, I let it. The feelings boil for a while, then gradually calm down until finally reaching room temperature. Who knows how long that will take. It all depends on the negative blow. But, once the feelings have settled, I move on!

What does your family think?

My Dad really wants me to delve into Mad Science. STEM? Could be on a platter or steamed, I’m not having it. I do encourage others to do so! Hey, if you can master the mad arts more power to you. In regards to my apparent case of alternativitis, my Dad is genuinely accepting – despite being pretty protective. He knows I’m a little on the dark side, but whole-heartedly supports my choices! He gets a bit frightened when I wear pink though. I think he’s overreacting.


How do you remain true to yourself?

I am in a constant search to find my Self. I stay true to it by acknowledging that the quest to find my core is my purpose and drive in this two-dimensional lifetime. You find new puzzle pieces along the way…

Who or what inspires you?

Every Fab Bat out there is my #1 inspiration. Hearing others share their life experiences within various scenes, throughout all walks of life, inspires me most. I look up to my friends, Dean and Damien too.


What does your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend or Spouse think?

I don’t have either of those, but our house spider thinks I’m pretty fly.



Every Fab Bat in Black out there! I want to hear your stories.

More Alternative Black Girl Tags…

Coming up… What does it it mean to be an “alternative black girl”? Does the term “alternative” even apply anymore?

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