Custom Creepy Eight Legged Leggings

Hey Fab Bats! I just ordered 400 Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon this morning. But, about these tights… The other day I waltzed into NYC’s year round heavenly Halloween store and purchased a cartful of stripy tights (naturally), only to find that none of them fit. Now most of you must be like “Dana, duh, they’re ‘one size fits all’”. And, we all know what that means. The leg space was big enough to fit two small legs in, so that wasn’t the issue. The real problem lied in the feet and top. They just wouldn’t extend enough. Nah. Not about to penguin walk down the street in my double platforms.That feeling sound familiar?  Only so many outfit adjustments one can make in public at a time.

dana_tights_tutorial-1 dana_tights_tutorial-2 dana_tights_tutorial-3 dana_tights_tutorial-4 dana_tights_tutorial-5 dana_tights_tutorial-6 dana_tights_tutorial-7 dana_tights_tutorial-8

If you’re reading all this tl;dr thank you! Stick around for my next three part biopic. Still, even if tight sizes are not a problem for you, here is a great way to customize plain leggings. Use your love for layers to add multiple tights on one leg, switch up designs or keep things uniform. You could even add patches to one of the tights or (obligatory safety hazard caution) bobby pins. Hours and hours of fun for the whole Bat colony!

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