Budget Bat: Fun Goth DIY for every batling

Hey Fab Bats! Because we missed several Frivolous Fridays (woe, so much woe), I decided to compensate for it with a highly requested article. In a previous post some of you rabid readers mentioned that you tried and tried but just could not DIY. Hopefully this article will help you make easy projects and rid your fear of needle and thread. Grab some scissors and safety pins and let’s go!

We’ll start with two fully comprehensive tutorials packed with ideas. Of Herbs and Altars gives us a complete how-to for a variety of outfits, especially aiming at an audience that doesn’t have access to thrift stores and needs affordable ideas.

Level: Beginner

The below video has a neat set of multi-DIY tips you can pick ideas from. Most require basic to-no diy skills.

I could cover the Gothic Alice in detail when it comes to DIY, but here is a general view.

Level: Intermediate

Angela Benedict has two similar DIY top shreds. The plus being that these can be used with just about any top and will give you that goth look at no cost.

Another no-sew idea, this one seeming quicker than the others. If you’re in a hurry or want results fast, give this tutorial a try.

In terms of accessories, goth belts are easier to make than they may look. Devi De Viant offers comprehensible step-by-step material for everyone. Quick tip: Peruse eBay for both some of the required pieces as well excentric objects like large crosses, silver spiders or other things.

Keep away from the sun with a light vest. If you follow the tutorial one step at a time, you will be able to do it with other types of fabric such as faux-velvet.

Level: Advanced

These can be done with jeans of any color, which you could simply dye or use as is. I can imagine this altered to work with a mini skirt as well. I would not recommend it for beginners, but if you’re used to sewing this is a fantastic idea.

I particularly like this concept and, to be honest, a Beetlejuice version would be dope.

This headpiece is easily customizable. Flower colors could be switched to match your skin tone: for instance, deep red or white brings out dark, blue undertoned skin, while violet might complement duller undertones. The goal is to find what fits you.


Pastel Goth has some unique sweetly spooky looks. I chose Youtuber Julia Zelg as they have quite a few tutorials centering around the look and appear to be devoted to the style.

A more extensive tutorial with other print examples can be found here and in DIY Creepy Cute Halloween T-shirts. I will make a separate post regarding the whole “pastel goth aesthetic” (if I remember correctly its predecessor was called “cupcake goth” a term invented by Jillian Venters before gothic fashion entered the mainstream and created subgenres), the primary reason being that Youtube is rife with pastel DIY.

There are many more videos that could have been featured in this post, but I wanted to make it manageable and avoid overwhelming listicle-itis.

Basic DIY points:

  • Tights: wear and rip with scissors, cut hole in middle to create top
  • Cut any materials up for a destroyed look
  • Add safety pins to everything, jeans, hoodies, shirts etc
  • Order a large pack of spikes on eBay or Amazon and have your fun

Materials can be found in craft stores or “dollar stores” depending on where you live. Also visit fabric markets. Quick tip: some markets leave free fabric samples or scraps (Grab’em! They’re great for patches).

Main supplies:

  • Scissors, permanent markers, water based or POSCA pens, chalk, super glue or a glue gun
  • Lace, satin, ribbons, fluffy boas, bobby pins to attach things into your hair (works well with afro naturals!), safety pins
  • Black dye, bleach
  • Any kind of fabric scraps or discarded clothing

Sites to check out:

Remember to check out the “Dressing Goth when you can’t Afford Clothes” article for a whole post of ideas on building a goth wardrobe for free.

Hope this was helpful and stay tuned for more….

Any tips of your own? Comment!

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