Black Goth Appreciation Day

Hey Fab Bats! Guess what this Friday is? Black Goth Appreciation Day. Every last Friday of June we take the time to shout out black people in the goth subculture.

Top Blog Entries

Goths of Color Beauty Tips: For Goths of every shape, size, and location, aesthetics are very important. Gothic appearance has a wide range and due to creativity within the Gothic community there is an unlimited amount of things that Goths can do with their look. Read more.

Embracing the dark side: Goths in Nairobi: The Goth movement has spread all over the globe and, like any major city worth her lights, Nairobi now has a Goth scene. It is not big — fewer than 300 people currently identify themselves as Goths in a city of three million. However, the scene is growing and it already has an impact on fashion and other lifestyle aspects among young people. Read more.

“Goth Goes Global”, The Dish

Meet the Black Girls of Goth: While ballet has superstar Misty Copeland bringing attention to the lack of diversity in that field, goth culture doesn’t have an African American of similar status as its face. Yet black goths exist. They can be found in Facebook groups like Black Goth Girls Rock. They attend the AfroPunk music festival in combat boots and Wednesday Addams dresses. And they’re buying the new tops illustrator Bianca Xunise designed for indie brand Adorned by Chi. Read more.

Top Black-Owned Businesses

Gothic Lamb, “Devilish Woman Sweater”

Gothic Lamb: “A shop for black sheep, outsiders who don’t fit in typical society and need clothes that express their inner selves.” Shop here.

Adorned By Chi “So Goth I Was Born Black” shirt: Buy here.

Wickedland, “‘Lydia’ Cameo Necklace”

Wickedland Jewelry: “Jewelry Craft for Werewolves, Witches, and those who have fallen through the Looking Glass.” Shop here.

Top Videos

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