Bat in Black: Interview with Vikko, Ossuary Artist

The other day I was casually waltzing around the wonderful world of the interwebs when this comic caught my attention. The characters take on three dimensional form with expressions and emotions extending beyond their lack of facial skin. As the shades they share are monochrome, the focus is not the surface, but the mind. Mostly, the story carries a message without feeling like a Saturday morning special. Turns out the artist behind these skullheads is Vikko, a flesh and bone being posting from Argentina under kurovoid. You can get a full look at their comics here. I caught up with them to try and get inside the cranium that created these characters:


Can you tell us a bit about your skullheads? How did they come about?

Sure! These 3 young adults have faced a lot of struggle around the same time and when trying to find a route out of it all, found each other and are practically inseparable, fighting for what they believe is right and taking care of each other. These characters originated an evening of feeling specially nostalgic about certain friends I did not have in that moment, my friends, well at least most of them, live far away from me now that I moved, so trying to cover that hole inside I started drawing these 3 guys with skulls replacing the normal heads.

Why do the subjects you treat in your comics matter to you?

They’ve all been personal experiences, wether they happened to me personally or I experienced them through a friend of mine. There’s a lot of issues ocurring every day and I always have this, rumbling noise inside of me to let, my instense feeling about it, out to the public, to let them know how frustrating or accepting it can get from me and my point of view.


Do you best communicate through comics? What other mediums do you speak through?

I bloge and writte some, but I guess I better communicate with my comics. At least what’s really going on with me. There are a lot of small hidden messages in it that can be easily decoded to know that thing actually had a huge impact in me.

You’re not afraid of using humor to challenge social constraints. Do you apply this to everyday life?

YES. Humor is, personally, one of the great solutions I apply to issues once, and just once, the issue has been completely taken care of and solved in an actual practical way. Most of my friends do, most of the time if not always, transform everything into a very well put joke for me. And it’s funny because, there’s no way to get mad at it when it’s coming from them. It’s just really funny. How life keeps fucking up or being just really great.

What keeps you going in life?

Knowing I’ll be just fine by my own.


You talk about gender in your comics. When did you first learn it went beyond the binary?

When my friend Niqo recommended me certain books, I was just very curious but didn’t acted as outspoken as I am right now. But after some singing into certain social medias, things just started to make more sense.

How do you respond to people misgendering you?

Depends, really. Most of the time I ignore it, I correct them, or if it’s on purpose I shoute once and then ignore them again. For reals tho, It doesn’t matter how much they keep sticking their heads into their own ass. I’m still myself.

Each of your skullheads has a unique story. Which one do you identify with the most?

I’d have to say Clyde.


How do you deal with criticism?

I mostly ignore it hahahaha

Any advice for a younger you?

Just keep your head up. Things get a lot better.

What difficult moments in life did you overcome?

Oh, wow. Lots. Huge economic issues with my family when I was younger, almost got pulled out of school and cried a lot because my parents used to fight really bad all the time. I ate to feel better so I got obese, too obese actually that I almost had diabetes, depression, lots of it, close friends deciding to give a stop to their own paths. And many more.

You take commissions. Do you draw for a living?

This is actually a very small hobbie I got that I wouldn’t mind to get hired for! Hahaha! But I’m aspiring to become a Tattoo Artist! It’s been a dream for a long time!

So, when you become an evil overlord, what’s your plan?

Make a world a better place. Because the men in power who are good are doing evil. So actual Evil Overlords would make things right for once.


Go stalk them on Deviant Art and Society6 for more dandy eye candy, commissions and merch!

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