How to Creep Up Your Lawn this Summer

Hey Fab Bats! The hot weather’s got me turned into a bit of a grinch. So, I thought I’d lay back and talk something fun. With a few months of blaring heat left ahead, why not spend some of the time hiding away from the sun to spruce up the cave? Here are some ways you can freakify your lair…

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Rococoa and the Frivolous Fro

Let’s take a look at the fro. Hair – or lack thereof – tells a story. Mostly, a story about ourselves. It serves as an indicator of our personality, social class and even sense of purpose. Now the fro. It is malleable, pliable, moldable. It appears in a variety of forms and textures which you can add or subtract to take on a new form. So why suppress it?

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Sweet Summer Styles That Cover Scars

Hey Fab Bats! The weather’s warming up and we’re swapping velvet for fishnets. If it’s already blazing on your side of the globe then you know the struggle. Do you have scars you are uncomfortable showing? Now that’s an even stronger hustle. Whatever their origin (accident, mental or physical illness…) and no matter the reason you wish to conceal them (to preserve confidence, shield from the sun, avoid unwelcome questions…), here are some elegant ideas for protecting your skin…

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Meet a Fab Bat! – Hilary

Let’s hear the voice of Hilary, a Rabid Reader of Dining with Dana…

“Nice to meet you! I’m Hilary. I’m a mix race Latina with dark hair that comes down past my waist. I have a master’s degree in Criminology, a black cat, and a love for all things gothic, punk, and metal. When not taking photos in a graveyard, I like to cosplay. I come from a line of activists and hope I can do my part to better the world around me.”

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