Horror, Goth and Black Bodies: Escape from Reality or Reflection of the Truth?

Popular media’s image of black men has had a significantly strong impact on our society. It poses a danger to these men, who are often shown as angry, aggressive, uncontrollable and consequently perceived as such. Jordan Peele’s Get Out challenges this. His use of aesthetics of unease and foreboding sound are elements deeply rooted in the goth subculture. Joshua Gunn’s text “Dark Admissions”1 could help to better explore the topic of gothic horror film Get Out as a new form of expression for black men. When does horror fiction and music subculture cross the line of the representation of black body terror from imaginary to fact?

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Black Goth Men are Dispelling Myths of Hypermasculinity

Over the years, representation of black goths has gotten better and better. The previous post, Black Goths Are More Visible, featured inspirational quotes, beautiful portraits and useful advice from members of the subculture. However, there was something unsettling. It was significantly more difficult to find images of black men than it was women.

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Meet a Fab Bat: InJil Omens El-Ji from USA, Virginia

Clinking teacups with Injil Omens El-Ji, a Rabid Reader of Dining with Dana!

“I’m an African-American goth who does poetry, feeds the homeless, and by the summer will have a Master’s in Forensic Psychology. I love art and exercising and seeing fairy tales come to life because that and positivity make me have faith in humanity. I hope to keep learning everyday to make myself a better person and teach others to do the same.”

Follow this Fab Bat’s (or should I say Fit Bat?) journey towards a healthy life on tumblr.

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Is Pale Gothic Foundation on Dark Skin a sign of Insecurity?

Hey Fab Bats! As a character with dark skin (E39 leather Copic marker to be exact), the concept of pale skin as the gothic beauty ideal has crossed my mind several times. Today, I’d to take a moment to explore it with you. Does pale foundation mean one is ashamed of their skin color? Is this a problem we should address? Sit down, pass around the tea and discuss.

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