Alternative Afro Styles To Show Off Your Hair

Hey Fab Bats! I see all of these beautiful early-eighties-goth-like creatures walking around with hair dyed black, backcombed, teased and turned into a crow’s nest. It’s fabulous. But man, if I were to do that with my coils I’d be big chopping every day. Luckily, we live in an age where there are tons of resources for us curly ghouls. I whipped up a quick post on the many ways you could create a frightening fro! Let’s get creative with this cranium:

First, for those who want to prep for a style, read Chinwe‘s article 3 Easy-To-Make Homemade Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair. She breaks them down between Manageability, Detangling and Strengthening.

For the hairstyles requiring extensions, experiment with colors. Mix different hues or play with intensities.

The Frohawk

You could try one of several hawk methods. They require little to no extensions and can be put together in a multitude of ways.

A simple hawk is much less time consuming if you’re in a hurry or want to make it a go-to style. See Curlidole’s tutorial below or watch Actually Ashley’s video for a bobby pin version.

Twists and Braids

Everybody’s favorite unicorn, Tassel Fairy, did these bomb box braids for Super Deluxe. You could use yarn to make easy, thick twists that will last a couple weeks. Roll on down for some of her styling tips.

DIY Wigs

Miles Jai and Drew Disaster have several how-tos on wig customizing. Check the last video for tips on rocking a cheap wig.

With Facial Hair

African Hair God has a horde of videos featuring alternative ‘fro tutorials. I thought I was digging into a ditch searching for a solid video including facial hair until I found this GRWM. This was exactly what I was looking for. To a T! Below are two of the creepiest styles on his channel…


What’s in the head: one should put as much time into grooming the mane as cultivating the mind. Memorize random statistics to bust every debate. Use arcane, unnecessary words in casual conversation. Taste some wine. For real though, your hair represents but one aspect of your identity. If you’re rocking a do to express a statement, you must first have a statement to express.

Transitioning? I heard some folks have trouble going from relaxed to natural. But, just what is natural hair anyway? It’s hair. The same hair you may – or may not – have on your head right now. From a professional standpoint, you might be asked to “change your hairstyle” or make it “more appropriate” which is code for “calm the poof, you’re scaring the perms”. The main point is whether or not your hair is natural, relaxed, bionic or none of the above, it is still a strand that grows out of your scalp. No shame nor blame. However, if you feel you are burning your ends and hurting your heritage, then find the right non-relaxed style for You. Hopefully, some of these dos will inspire you.

Shrinkage: while straight hair fights the frizz, many a fro fears the shrink. The truth about shrinkage is that there’s not much you can do about it. It’s normal and means your hair is healthy. Don’t worry about it.


Which style would you go for? Have you ever rocked any of these already? Comment! 

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