A Comprehensive List of Anti-Trump Protests & Meetings, by Dean

Politically Correct Twenty-something Grandpa Punk speaking.

I’M ANGRY. I’m always angry. Nothing new here. Moving on, the 2016 US Presidential Election had a pretty bad twist ending. Disappointing to say the least. We’re basically fighting for the same respect we’ve been trying to get since America was a thing. Down to collectively yell?

This list will continue to update.

In the time it took to finish three six packs I found some protests. There are also some neat get-togethers holding discussions on how to move forward in the Trump era!!

Shout a bit, get informed, take action, yadda yadda…

New York


New Jersey

Washington DC



North Carolina







If you are mentally and physically prepared, I suggest you trek on out. If not, that’s okay. You can follow the news here.

Have a good time. Stay safe. Know your rights.

I hate everything except you,


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