A Comprehensive list of Anti-Trump Inauguration Rallies & Meetings, by Dean

Angry Generation-Why? speaking. Again.

There are a lot of things going on in the world that need talking about, but everyone keeps asking about the US President elect and what we’re supposed to do with him. Get together, break open a bag of chips and express your discontent with the current state of affairs…

Donald Trump’s Inauguration is on a Friday (the 20th to be specific). If you have a date, party or family picnic planned, you might as well take it over there.

Add events in the comments. If you want something on the list, please comment with details or a link so we can keep it all in one place.

Oh, and also hydrate yourself. I can already taste the salt.

What I’ve come across:

Women’s March on Washington

Saturday Jan 21 at 10AM to 5PM EST

Others in Washington DC

New York

New Jersey


















One last piece of info:

When politics seem out of your control, remember that community and culture are very much in your control. We help shape the world we inhabit every day. A life is a collection of thousands of decisions, large and small, made every day. Make those decisions with purpose and conviction, especially for Jan. 20. – Read this article on the Anti-Inauguration for tips.

You don’t have to play nice, but do stay safe.

Add your own events and advice in the comments. We all want to hear about them!

See you nerds after class,


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17 thoughts on “A Comprehensive list of Anti-Trump Inauguration Rallies & Meetings, by Dean

  1. Go to work if you have nothing better to do. Get of your asses and do something useful instead of making fools of yourselves. Nobody will ever pay attention.

    1. You’re wrong. People will pay attention. You Trump supporters have been suckered, you just don’t know it yet.

      1. As opposed to whom? Hillary, the very embodiment of evil establishment? Ill take my chances with the unknown. Hes already called the REAL fake news out. That would be cable & broadcast news & fake print media. Thats more than Ive ever seen by anyone except Ron Paul before

        1. Maybe you should study how dictators groom their people to be under their control. Knowledge is power- please get some

      2. I voted for him.. and starting to wonder exactly how worse that wise. But then, still wouldn’t have voted for the female snake.

        Honestly, the mistake we ALL made was in not voting for Bernie. Bunch of children that are more impressed with showmanship than with the morals, character and honesty of a candidate.

    1. I cried and couldn’t eat for 2 days. Evil is in the whitehouse and we will now have to live the consequences of that. I did go to the march in my city but we all need to do more- we need to all work together if we want to keep America country worth loving

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