10 Gothy Things to do Today

Hey Fab Bats! Been a while hasn’t it? Summer’s creeping up real fast and the heat is rising from the grave. It can be a bit hard for those of you Bats decked out in black, but cheer up (or gloom a little less), because there is still plenty to do in this weary weather! Outside or inside, introvert or extrovert, here is a list I whipped up like cream for your daily goth needs:

1. Watch your favorite alternative Youtuber

Relax with a glass of iced tea and watch some fun videos. Here are my absolute freaky favs:

Angel Nightmare

Julia Zelg

Amy Nekrotique

Asian Tattoo

Hijabi Doll

Kaylie Morbid

Other Youtubers include…

There are many more beautiful creatures, but I decided to add in my favorites. Cite yours in the comments!

2. Have a lowkey party at your local cemetery

Bring picnic supplies such as iced tea packets, sandwiches (I’d say Marmite because it’s almost black but y’know, it’s not for everyone), deviled eggs, oranges, grapes, salad with diced cheese toppings and tomatoes. Do not forget: sunscreen, parasols and I cannot stress this enough: plenty of water. If you need to, get a cooler. “But I don’t own a parasol Dana…!” Umbrellas do wonders. If you’re going to spend all day out in the sun, be prepared. Even if it happens to be gloomy that day, those sunrays can seep through those loving grey clouds, so consider sunscreen at the very least.

For games, go for some fun throwbacks like Twister – did you know they have an extended version? Thrice the entertainment factor. There’s nothing better than outperforming everyone in a corset and petticoat.

Tabletop games are equally fun, especially when you plan on spending a while outside. Now my experience is exclusive to Dungeons and Dragons, but I’m sure you have some favs to share with us all!

If you plan on staying out ’til dark, put some glowsticks in some empty bottles and use a small ball for glow in the dark rave-like bowling.

Also, a classic: bring bubbles. Always bring bubbles. If you take matters seriously, consider purchasing a bubble machine. There are a slough on Amazon and it’s a wild experience. Alternatively, get a giant bubble wand. Just as crazy. There’s nothing like a group of spooky types blowing bubbles.

3. Cook a ghoulish meal for your friends

Gather a ghoul or few for a monstrous meal. I would fully recommend the Homicidal Homemaker as mother of all frightening foods. Set the tone with candles, dim lights and grim decor. If you can afford, try some authentic Dracula wine which sells local Romanian products. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with Supermarket Bordeaux or Cranberry juice as a non-alcoholic beverage. For another straight-edge treat, try grenadine with sparkling water.

Start with this Nightmare on Elm Street themed “soul pizza”. If necessary make two to keep you and your guest(s) full…of fear.

And for dessert….

Top it off with some Dead and Berried Sangria…

4. Shred yourself a new fishnet top

Relax and try a bit of light DIY. Acquire fishnet tights, then cut a small hole in the crotch area (ouch). Fit your head through the hole and wear the legs as sleeves. Proceed to then tear holes in the sleeves for a nice shredded deathrock look.

For more easy DIY, just check out my last post, Fun Goth DIY for every batling. It’s designed to give confidence to every Fab Bat that has uttered the words, “but I’m not skilled enough for DIY”…so go on ahead and modify some stuff!

5. Paint your nails a color other than black

Yes, black is a staple color, and a beautiful one. But, how about branching out and giving deep red, bright blue, plum purple or even fuschia a go. If you’re feel daring – and I mean very daring – go for some canary yellow (hold that gasp, we are in a no judgment zone).

6. Practice your makeup skills even if you’re not going out

I’ve been enjoying these It’s Black Friday reaction videos to people redoing her makeup.

Come up with your own designs and practice in the mirror. Take selfies if desired and enjoy indulging yourself. Put on some music, brew some hot tea, play dress up, mix and match clothes until you find what pairs with your newly made face.

7. Go Cyber Window Shopping

Relax and go for a bit of cyber window shopping. Go for a cup of Chopping Mall Bloody Orange Julius, sink into the couch with your computer and get ready to potato out.

Here are some suggested shops:

Witch Worldwide

Gothic Lamb

Corvus Corone Fashion

Check out my post for Plus Size Alternative fashion for my precious Fat Bats.

For more shops browse…

And don’t forget to visit my own shop for Fat Bat shirts, custom comics and more!

Shop Dana!

8. Serve some black tea for you and a friend

There’s nothing more goth than black tea (aside from black toothpaste, that’s a whole new level of doom and gloom). Enjoy some genuine heart to heart tea time with a friend of yours. Gossip about the local scene, discuss your favorite horror movies and have an uninterrupted chat for a minute. We rarely take the time to pause and appreciate our fellow peeps in an age saturated with incessant media and distraction. Exchange DIY tips, talk about your sorrows and woes and your opinion on the latest – of hundred – Joy Division cover bands all the while sipping on darkness.

9. Make a cute crow plush

Easy and fun, follow this tutorial to make your own cute pet crow. Great for gifts or just a feathered friend. Instructions below.

1o. Find goth events near you

Search for local goth and alternative events and concerts happening in the coming weeks. Make a schedule of what you would like to attend, and tally up any fees if necessary just so you know how much you’re paying for (though many are free if you arrive before a certain hour, say 10 or 11). Gather some friends or go alone – you never know who you’ll meet!

You’ll be supporting your local scene and indulging in spooky outings. If nothing is going on near you, host a party! Alternatively, turn up the music real loud – if you’re living with others, earphones may be appropriate – and have yourself a private dance session. Expending that energy will help you feel better and get you out of a funk.

Don’t be afraid to go to non-goth related events. If you live in a relatively big city, there are probably some quirky things going on too. For example, New Jersey just had an event called “Yoga with Goats”. There are no limits in this world, my friend.

Besides checking online, go to alternative clothing stores (such as Gothic Renaissance in NY or formerly Grouft in Paris) to pick up some flyers. You might even meet new people interested in going to the same events as you.

That’s what I’ve cooked up today, my frightening folks! Buuut, I do have one more…challenge.

Bonus: watch a scary movie alone in the dark. See how long it takes you to turn the lights on. Graveyard Shift Sisters has a good list of films if you need inspo. For a harder level, pick something you’ve been meaning to watch but were always afraid to see alone.

Let me know how you did in the comments or on Twitter.

As usual, cite what your favorite gothy things are to do in the day!

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